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Global recognition for Engineering Masters

The professional Master of Engineering programs at the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) are the first in Australia to be granted the EUR-ACE® label at the masters level. The German accreditation agency ASIIN completed its assessment of these courses in June and have awarded the EUR-ACE® level 2 (masters level) accreditation.

As a consequence, MSE Master of Engineering graduates are now able to work as professional engineers throughout continental Europe. This is in addition to the Washington Accord countries Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan and Singapore.

The Dean of Engineering, Professor Iven Mareels, is delighted to announce that the Master of Engineering is now recognised around the globe, as few others are in the world, and none other in Australia.

“The Melbourne School of Engineering welcomes the EUR-ACE® level 2 accreditation, as it is further confirmation that our ME courses are high-quality programs that meet the international standard for professional engineering education at the masters level,” Professor Mareels says.

“For our graduates, it will mean that their skills meet the most rigorous European and international benchmarks, and that their qualifications are recognised by top employers in Europe’s leading economies. The EUR-ACE® label offers our graduates a competitive edge when applying for work in Europe.”

“Engineering courses at the University of Melbourne offer you the freedom to work as an accredited professional, wherever your travels may take you,” Professor Mareels says.

Find out more about our professional Master of Engineering.

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  1. Frumence Shirima says:

    I am one of the candidates who received a Master of Engineering Science M.Eng.Sc in 1986 from the University of Melbourne. The question is are we also recognised and eligible to work as Professional Engineers in the countries mentioned including European Union?

    • Jennifer Thomas says:

      Hi Frumence,

      Accreditation assessments are based on current courses offered by the School and are not applied retrospectively. Whatever accreditation your course was subject to in 1986 will apply.

      Kind Regards

  2. Can you use the Eur-Eng prenominal in Europe after graduation?

  3. ANNIE nusrat says:

    After completing this masters am I eligible to apply for graduate recruitment programs in Australia.I have undergrad in biomedical engineering but do not have long experience .Most of the employers targets undergrad students that is why I am a bit unsure what if I have masters no experience would i ever be able to get a job?

    • Jennifer Thomas says:

      Graduates of the Master of Engineering are eligible to enter graduate recruitment programs in Australia and will do so at a highly competitive level. The extra time you spend studying, plus exposure to an industry-informed curriculum and projects in industry, would not only make Masters graduates more competitive when applying for graduate recruitment programs, but also ensure that your career will progress to roles of higher responsibility and management at a faster rate. In addition, your education is in line with international engineering education, which ensures that your qualification is competitive in Australia and overseas. If you would like further advice, please contact our enquiries line by emailing

  4. Hello,

    I heard from a friend that if you have completed a 3 year Electrical Engineering Technology program in Canada. That you qualify as having a bachelor of engineering in Australia and then eligible to complete a Masters in Engineering in two to three years part time given that you have 5 years experience in you discipline.

    If this is the case, would you know where I could get more information?


  5. Divya Shirke says:


    Does the course “Master of Engineering Project Management” have the EUR ACE accreditation too?
    It is listed as an EUR ACE accredited program in “Course Accreditation” (
    However, it is absent in “ENAEE Database of EUR-ACE Labelled Programmes” (

    If not, is it accredited by the Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Centre (GAC) for Project Management Education Programs?


    • Jennifer Thomas says:

      Hi Divya

      No, the Master of Engineering Project Management is a professional development course for people who already have an accredited engineering degree.

      Kind Regards

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