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Amazing Spaghetti Machines on Channel 10’s Scope

Channel Ten science program Scope has featured the 2011 Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest, held during July as part of the Melbourne School of Engineering’s 150th Anniversary celebrations.

Year 10 students from 22 schools from around Victoria visited Parkville campus to compete in the contest, which involved building an overly complex machine to dispense coffee, powdered milk and sugar into a cup.

The Scope episode was broadcast on Channel 10 on Saturday 22 October at 9.00am. The Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest features in the first part of the “Big Machines” episode – which can be watched via the Channel 10 player.

Full episodes are available to watch on the Scope website.

The University of Melbourne’s Visions video podcast covered the Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest in July:

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