Cloud computing technology among Telstra Innovation Challenge winners

Professor Rajkumar Buyya and his team from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and Manjrasoft are one of the winners in the 2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge with their Cloud Computing Technology, Aneka.

The Aneka technology was originally developed in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering’s CLOUDS Lab, and subsequently commercialised by spin-off company Manjrasoft, which Professor Buyya founded in 2008.

Aneka is a revolutionary platform that allows for multiple programming opportunities and rapid development of applications. It simplifies the creation and management of Cloud applications and their acceleration on scalable Cloud infrastructure.

Professor Buyya said that Aneka enabled data-intensive applications that would take days on a desktop computer to be completed quickly at lower cost by distributing the application tasks on demand across a large-scale public cloud.

Aneka provides economically-viable solutions for applications from sectors as diverse as engineering, life sciences, gaming, finance, business intelligence, and multimedia.

Some major international organisations such as China Southern Railways are already using Aneka in order to harness the power of cloud computing. The Indian Government is using Aneka for satellite image processing in the monitoring of natural disasters.

Professor Buyya said the award would be a great boost to the technology, offering Manjrasoft access to Telstra infrastructure and expertise, as well as access to Telstra’s many business partners.

The Melbourne School of Engineering congratulates Professor Buyya and his team on this fantastic award.

For further information about the Telstra Innovation Challenge and this year’s winners, see the Telstra website.

Professor Buyya has also just been announced as a recipient of the Hind Rattan (Jewel of India) Award, to be presented at the 31st International Congress of NRIs.

The award recognises Professor Buyya’s contribution to his field and will be presented on 25 January 2012 in New Delhi.  Congratulations again, to Professor Buyya on this great achievement.



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