Scholarships: Supporting Engineering and IT excellence

The University of Melbourne offers a range of scholarships to local and international Engineering and IT students, acknowledging academic excellence and providing support to those students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their studies.

These scholarships have been made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors and the MSE Foundation. All scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis with academic merit scholarships given to academically excellent students.

A number of $20,000 MSE Foundation Scholarships are awarded to high achieving international students in our professional Masters degrees; the Master of Engineering, the Master of Information Technology and the Master of Information Systems.  The foundation also offers $10,000 bursaries to high achieving local students.

Students do not need to apply separately for these scholarships. All eligible students who have applied to the Masters programs will be considered.

There are also scholarship opportunities for University of Melbourne undergraduate students intending to pursue graduate studies in Engineering.

The Loxton and Tewksbury Aspiring Engineer Scholarships offer students in the final year of their Melbourne undergraduate degree financial support through their Master of Engineering course.

Master of Engineering (Civil) student Lydia Moll (pictured above) was awarded the Tewksbury Scholarship in the final year of her Bachelor of Science degree.

Now as she is mid-way through the second year of her graduate course, Lydia is looking forward to working in a graduate engineering role in the geotechnical or structural sector.

“Receiving the Tewksbury Scholarship allowed me to fully immerse myself in the challenging coursework without the additional distraction of time consuming part-time work.

“This scholarship provided much appreciated acknowledgement of the hard work demanded at university and motivated me in the pursuit of my Masters qualification.”

Fergie Romero

Fergie Romero

Master of Engineering (Civil) graduate Fergie Romero received an impressive five scholarships and prizes during her studies at the University of Melbourne.

The financial support the awards offered gave Fergie the freedom to focus on her studies, and to pursue her interest in humanitarian engineering projects both locally and internationally. One of the awards she received was the ExxonMobil Award for excellence, which is open to all penultimate year engineering students. The $5000 prize was established to recognise and support the achievements of outstanding students.

“As a devoted volunteer, this scholarship has meant that I have been able to allocate financial resources towards projects that I am passionate about, without having to compromise other aspects of my academic and working life,” Fergie said.

To find out more about scholarship opportunities in Engineering and IT at The University of Melbourne, visit our scholarships page.



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  1. I’m an international student who currently studying engineering at UNSW. Am I still eligible for the scholarship since I’m considering a higher education after my UG study. Thanks!

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