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Cortera Neurotechnologies secures DARPA funding

Ricky Muller launches Cortera Neurotechnologies

Dr Rikky Muller launches Cortera Neurotechnologies

The Melbourne Accelerator Program congratulates Cortera Neurotechnologies, alumnus of the 2013 program, on being part of a UC San Francisco-led team that has secured funding from DARPA as part of US President Barack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative.

DARPA has provided $56 million USD of funding to Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of California, San Francisco to develop brain implants to treat mental illness.  Cortera Neurotechnologies will provide their technology to support this effort.

Cortera Neurotechnologies CEO, Dr. Rikky Muller, stated she was “incredibly proud to be a part of the first major project under the Obama BRAIN Initiative and is looking forward to working with an incredible team of physicians, scientists and engineers.”

After completing their Ph.D. research at UC Berkeley, Dr. Rikky Muller and Dr. Simone Gambini moved to Melbourne in late 2012 to take up academic positions at the University of Melbourne.  In 2013, Cortera Neurotechnologies participated in the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), which provided office space, funding and mentoring over the course of the program.

MAP Manager Rohan Workman stated, “We’re incredibly proud to see Rikky and Simone participate in this world leading initiative.  It is fantastic validation of the hard work they’ve put into Cortera Neurotechnologies over the last year.”

The Melbourne Accelerator Program is the leading entrepreneurial program in Australia and is hosted by the University of Melbourne.  Alumni of the MAP Startup Accelerator have raised over $4 million in funding since it was established in 2012.

More information can be found at http://map.eng.unimelb.edu.au or by contacting Rohan Workman on +61 409 508 555.

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