University of Melbourne tops cloud computing research

The University of Melbourne is a world leader in cloud computing research according to a recent paper, “A Scientific Analysis of Cloud Computing Literature” published in the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

The paper, written by scientists, Leonard Heilig and Stefan Voß, from the University of Hamburg’s Institute of Information Systems, analyses cloud computing research publications, impact and productivity.

Professor Raj Buyya from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Computing and Information Systems has been named the top cited author in cloud computing, as well as number one for individual productivity in the field, with the University of Melbourne listed as the top ranked affiliation.

In addition, four of Professor Buyya’s Melbourne team are also listed in the table of top cited authors. They are Chee Shin Yeo (now at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan), Srikumar Venugopal (now UNSW), James Broberg and Anton Beloglazov (now IBM Research).

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