Using Shape to Restore Vision, with PhD student Evgeni Sergeev

Neuroengineering PhD student Evgeni Sergeev is playing an important role in bionic eye development. Working with Bionic Vision Australia, a national group of researchers who hope to restore vision to people with vision impairment, Evgeni is investigating ways that shape is perceived. This is a significant area of research, as shape plays a central role in enabling us to read letters on a page, recognise road signs and perceive different types of objects, such as furniture and doorways.

“My project focuses on learning more about multiple electrodes and their role in producing shape,” he explains.¬†Evgeni Sergeev

Evgeni’s project is supported by his background in computer vision, his strong interest in neuroscience and persistent motivation to help people reclaim their vision.

“I was looking for a hard problem that required a lot of effort to solve,” says Evgeni, “but I was also interested in solutions that ¬†would be useful and important to people.”

Listen to the complete interview here


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