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Future vision for Australia’s bionic eye

Professor Anthony Burkitt

Professor Anthony Burkitt

With the aid of a $1 million dollar grant from the federal government, the bionic eye project is about to take a big leap forward, with trials moving from the laboratory into the home.

Previously trials that were conducted in hospital involved participants wearing a vision processor (laptop) that was placed in a back pack. The new vision processors are the size of an iPod or mobile phone and fit easily into a pocket. Participants also wear glasses that contain an implanted camera.

In addition to being lighter and more portable the new bionic eye has an increased number of electrodes, from 22 to 44, which will widen the field of vision.

Professor of electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Melbourne and Bionic Vision Australia’s Director Tony Burkitt has spoken to channel 7 news.

Professor Burkitt said “We’re very very excited about this next phase with the increased number of electrodes and the smaller size. We really believe this will provide enormous benefit.”

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