MAP launches new documentary video series

“A few people want to go out into the world and create something special. Working with entrepreneurs who have a vision to create a new product and the courage to put everything on the line to build that product is inspiring.” –  Rohan Workman, Manager of the Melbourne Accelerator Program

The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), raising the culture of entrepreneurship within the University of Melbourne and across the community, has launched its documentary series, which tracks the experiences of this year’s participants.

The first episode takes viewers through the initial stages of the process, describing the qualities and skills sought after in MAP applicants. In particular, approachability, clarity and a desire to give back to the community are essential characteristics.

After this initial stage, applicants face two more challenges, a three-minute pitch and a fifteen-minute interview. Following these stages, successful applicants receive financial support and mentor assistance to bring their idea to market.

By offering this program, MAP creates a rare opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to build the foundations of organisations and work toward positive change change in the community.

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