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Inspired to make a difference – Miranti Daniar, Master of Information Systems

“I strongly believe the goodwill from one person can create change for something better, no matter how small”

Social entrepreneurship is immensely important to Master of Information Systems (MIS) student Miranti Daniar, who hopes to use her digital marketing skills to create positive change in her home country, Indonesia.

Miranti worked for a number of years as a digital marketing professional before deciding to further her skills in the area by undertaking her MIS at Melbourne, with the help of an Australian Award Scholarship from the Australian government.

“People who create change to do goodness and kindness inspire me,” says Miranti, describing her passion to use her knowledge in social goals.

“I always wanted to be a social entrepreneur, creating employment and businesses to empower the community. When I return to my home country, I plan to create an organisation that will help me realise this goal.”

Digital technology plays an important role in social entrepreneurship, helping small business owners mobilise their organisation and reach customers. Miranti is particularly interested in using the digital skills she is currently obtaining from her Masters degree to reach small to medium sized business. With this approach she aspires to help street kids, low-income women and those with a disability sell their products to a wider market. As a result, Miranti expects her current study will play a significant role in her future endeavours.

Miranti said that she liked the flexibility of her course, and how it had sharpened her strategic and critical thinking.
“The education system is quite different from my home country and it is great to learn there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer as long as you can justify your thoughts.”

While in Melbourne, Miranti has been able to pursue her interest in community outreach, co-founding the Indonesian cultural club Saman Melbourne, which shares Indonesian culture and dance with local schools.

“Teaching the dance to students in schools around Victoria is an amazing experience. We have received many invitations from schools, and it makes me feel so happy when Melbournians really appreciate Indonesian culture and want to learn the dance,” says Miranti, “It really is important to make the most of your Masters years.”

“Getting involved in the community has helped me experience the good atmosphere that Melbourne has, providing a good place to study in.”

These experiences, combined with the knowledge from her Masters study, will guide Miranti in building her career to help her local community.

Miranti writes about her experiences as a Master of Information Systems student in Melbourne at our Melbourne Bite blog.


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