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Student guest post: Kicking goals on campus

With a passion for soccer, Master of Engineering Management student Victor Cabrera from Ecuador reveals the best ways to become involved with sport on campus. 

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As an international student, you have numerous expectations when you arrive in Australia. The studies and the university will be the priorities in your daily life. However, you are always going to be interested in extracurricular activities. Some people love to dance, read books, watch movies, but for me, it’s all about sport.

I think of myself as a person who is very passionate about soccer. Finding a place to practice soccer was one of my main activities during my first weeks in Melbourne. Surprisingly, finding a place to practice my favourite sport was easy. Melbourne University is one of the most motivating places to take part in sport or fitness activities, providing many comfortable facilities for students to exercise in.

Ecuador Vive 2014 (4)

I was involved in some soccer groups after only a few weeks in Melbourne. The Friday Night League, mixed tournaments organised by clubs or simply hiring the pitch to play with friends were some of the ways I practiced soccer. In all these sessions, I met amazing different people from different nationalities and backgrounds. The great part of practicing a sport is that you always can find someone who is interested in playing.

The University of Melbourne gave me the opportunity to meet people, practice my favourite sport, get fit and become involved with the University community. All the activities you do during your studies will help you balance your educational knowledge with your personal life. This balance will help you to perform at your best.


Ecuador Vive 2015You can become involved in the activity that you like most. The variety of activities includes clubs, sports, gym, movies, BBQ, open markets and so many more. The level of involvement you want to achieve depends on you, and if you seek it out, you’ll find the University of Melbourne has an amazing campus life.

My suggestion when you come to Melbourne is to study hard but also do what you really love to do. I found the things I love doing, and I hope you find yours too.

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