Dr Rikky Muller honoured in MIT Technology Review

Electrical and electronic engineering lecturer and Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) alumna Dr Rikky Muller has been named an honoree of MIT Technology Review’s Annual Innovators Under 35 list. Recognised for developing emerging technologies in the field of Engineering and Medicine, Dr Muller joins a group of exceptionally talented technologists from around world. Winners in previous years include Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg.

Researching ways to alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders, Dr Muller is developing an electrical brain interface to detect and regulate irregular electrical activity in the brain. She hopes her research will improve the lives of those suffering from post-traumatic stress, severe anxiety and similar conditions.

The vision behind the interface stems from Dr Muller’s involvement with Cortera Neurotechnologies, a startup founded with the assistance of MAP. Supported by funding, office space and mentoring from MAP, Dr Muller lead Cortera to develop implantable medical devices. Her work was inspired by the vision that these devices would revolutionise the way we treat and diagnose incurable neurological conditions.

Following this Cortera became a key contributor to the DARPA program, part of the Obama BRAIN Initiative. Providing the opportunity to collaborate with physicists, scientists and engineers, this Initiative brings Dr Muller a step closer to improving treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders with therapeutic neurotechnology.

To find out more about Dr Muller’s outstanding achievements and her recognition in the Innovators Under 35 List, visit MAP’s website.


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