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Endeavour: showcasing tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs

Growth of our economy, the health and wellbeing of our people and protecting the future of our planet are among the grand challenges faced today that rely on advances in engineering and IT.

The Melbourne School of Engineering’s student-managed Endeavour program offers our final year students the opportunity to apply their learning to these real world issues, while sharing their passion for innovative engineering with academics, industry representatives and potential future students.

This month, the Endeavour Engineering and IT exhibition will showcase the engineering and IT technology of tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs. With projects spanning mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, structural, software, civil, chemical, bio-molecular and biomedical, it’s no wonder that many have been supported by industry partners for their relevance to society’s current challenges.

“I have been meeting weekly with the six amazing students who are managing the Endeavour Engineering and IT exhibition and following their progress.” Endeavour Expo Administration Supervisor, Jane Martin explains. “This year’s projects are of a very high caliber.”

Among them is Mechanical Engineering student, Cameron Gook’s Dynamic Bio Digester for Methane Capture. Confronting the increased cost of energy faced by Victorian dairy farmers, Cameron’s ‘bio-digester’ will provide an onsite, sustainable, solar powered alternative energy source resourced from recycled methane.

Infrastructure Engineering students Alexandra Weisenberger, Li Yeang Chow and Yen Wen Heng have focused on the urban housing crisis in developing countries such as Cambodia. Teaming up with the Community Empowerment Team and Engineers without Borders, these project teams are investigating low cost building materials and housing design to attain a more sustainable and affordable housing solution.

Other innovative projects look at tissue engineering to repair the human eyelid, an app using GPS to allow people to explore Melbourne’s hidden art scene, an e-tool that allows blind people to detect hazards and obstacles and a solution for fixing the ‘screeching’ of Melbourne’s tram wheels.

The application of these diverse projects provides progress toward solving current challenges faced by society and offers our final year students both the applied and involved learning necessary for life after their studies. According to Tom Crowhurst, a member of the Endeavour student management team “working closely with Melbourne School of Engineering staff and forming new professional relationships with Endeavour’s many industry partners, has seen me develop skills that complement my engineering studies and will no doubt be critical in my career.” Equipping students with innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial approach is increasingly necessary in today’s marketplace.

The Endeavour Exhibition will be open to the public on Thursday October 22 from 11:30am to 4:00pm. As part of Melbourne’s Knowledge Week, a City of Melbourne festival dedicated to the latest trends, ideas and innovations, the exhibition will showcase the possibilities of leading edge engineering and IT. “I strongly recommend attending the Endeavour Exhibition this year,” Jane Martin encourages, “I guarantee you will be inspired.”

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