About us

Engineering education was established at the University of Melbourne in 1861. The Melbourne School of Engineering is the oldest and most highly-esteemed engineering and technology school in Australia. The School is internationally acknowledged for excellence in engineering and IT research and education programs, attracting top academic staff and students, with a commitment to engineering and IT for the benefit of society.

We are currently ranked 1st in Australia and 37th in the world for engineering and technology according to the Times Higher Education World Rankings for 2014-15.

Offering a unique graduate school education, we are the only engineering and IT school in Australia to offer a dual-accredited advanced professional Master of Engineering in 11 technical and 6 ‘with business’ specialisations.

The Melbourne School of Engineering is a major player in iconic research endeavours for the benefit of society such as development of a bionic eye implant, global water resource management, the hydrogen economy, carbon sequestration, nanotechnology based drug delivery, and next generation internet technologies. We are home to 13 major research centres of international standing and 7 Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) that represent joint ventures between universities, industry and government bodies in Australia.